The First Monkeypox Patient in Indonesia was Declared Cured


The First Monkeypox Patient in Indonesia was Declared Cured

As of September 4, 2022, the first confirmed monkeypox/ monkeypox patient has now been declared cured and can return to normal activities. This was first revealed by dr. Mohammad Syahril as Spokesperson for the Indonesian Ministry of Health at a virtual press conference held on Friday, September 16, 2022.

In a statement dr. Mohammad Syahril said that the first monkeypox had self-isolated and was declared cured after having mild symptoms. Currently, there are 66 cases of suspected monkeypox cases, of which there is only 1 positive confirmed case and 2 suspected cases.

Seeing this condition, the government through the Ministry of Health took the initiative to maximize the examination by increasing the number of laboratories to 15 scattered in a number of areas, after previously there were only 2 monkeypox examination laboratories on the island of Java.

According to dr. Robert Sinto, SpPD as Internal Medicine Specialist, stated that currently there is a downward trend in monkeypox in the world. However, the Indonesian people are expected not to be careless and to remain vigilant by implementing monkeypox such as:

  1. Using masks

  2. Avoid crowds

  3. Minimizing physical contact with symptomatic people

  4. Washing hands with soap and running water, or by using Hand Sanitizer.

In closing, the Indonesian government is also currently increasing the capacity for checking monkeypox, so that if there are people who experience symptoms of monkeypox, it is hoped that they can immediately go to the nearest health facility to get treatment as early as possible and avoid spreading it.