M 7.2 Earthquake Disaster in South Halmahera Updating News


M 7.2 Earthquake Disaster Development in South Halmahera

On July 14, 2019, at 16.10 WIB. M 7.2 tectonic earthquake with a depth of 10 km. The quake centered on land 62 km northeast of Labuha, South Halmahera Regency. The earthquake was felt by the MMI scale: V Obi, III Labuha, II-III Manado, Ambon, II Ternate, Namlea, Gorontalo, Sorong, Bolaang Mongondow, Waisai, and Raja Ampat. In its development, the South Halmahera Regency Government has implemented an emergency response period of 7 from July 15 to 21 2019 and then extended the emergency response period for 7 days from July 22, 201 to July 28, 2019, based on the Decree of the Regent of South Halmahera Number 360/1768/2019.

This earthquake resulted in 14 people died, 19 people seriously injured or hospitalized, 1,197 people were lightly injured or treated in the road and 51,637 people had to evacuate. The earthquake also damaged 1 unit of Puskesmas, 1 unit of Community Health Center, and 1 unit of Health Center.

The District Health Office has established health posts and provided health services, alerted health care from several Puskesmas to assist affected areas, and carried out re-registration for damage to health facilities and vulnerable residents, while the Provincial Health Office has implemented Rapid Health Assessment for public health, sending stock buffers medicine and supplementary food for toddlers to the South Halmahera District Health Office.

From the center, the Ministry of Health has sent a team of Public Health Rapid Response Team (PHRRT), environmental health logistics in the form of PAC 1,650 sachets, 15 kg (solid) water disinfectants, water disinfectants (tablets), 2,450 tablets and 30 pieces of vests, and nutritional logistics in the form of 2 tons of toddler food and 1 ton of additional food for pregnant women.

Currently, health workers have been relegated to areas that lack health workers and equipment to make MCK (water, sanitation, and hygiene facilities) distributed to refugee camps. Also, additional logistics is needed in the Warehouse of the Health Pharmacy Agency.