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PKK Activities
20:00, 28-08-2017
Simeulue district located in the middle of the Indian Ocean which is prone to earthquakes that can cause a tsunami. Because along the west coast of Sumatra there are clash .. Read Full Article

20:00, 11-08-2017
Inauguration of Officials within the Ministry of Health is a follow-up process of organizational structuring within the Ministry of Health, in accordance with Minister of Health Regulation No. 64 of .. Read Full Article

20:00, 30-07-2017
The Health Crisis Center has organized a health crisis prevention field in the framework of disaster preparedness held in Bandar Lampung from 24 to 29 July 2017. The conduct of this .. Read Full Article

10:52, 26-07-2017
One effort to overcome the health crisis caused by the disaster is to monitor and report the health problems arising from the disaster. The reported information includes the types of .. Read Full Article

09:49, 20-07-2017
The activities undertaken in Kampung Sawah keruh, Kelung Bakung, Kecamatan Teluk Betung Barat, Lampung City, on July 18-20, 2017 are intended to increase community knowledge and understanding of disaster risks .. Read Full Article

09:07, 14-07-2017
Health Cluster Coordination Meeting with the theme of Health Cluster Preparedness in Facing the Threats of Banjir Bandang and Landslide Disasters was held on 12-14 July 2017 in Medan. Cluster .. Read Full Article

13:33, 06-07-2017
To improve cross-program and cross-sectoral capacity and coordination in health crisis prevention in 2017, the Health Crisis Center held a meeting to coordinate the health crisis management with the Subregional .. Read Full Article

11:40, 22-06-2017
The Health Crisis Center held a Coordination Meeting of Health Service Cluster held on June 20, 2017 at The Park Lane Hotel, South Jakarta. Participants who participated in the sub-health .. Read Full Article

20:00, 24-03-2017
The Health Crisis Center held a Health Assistance Facilitation Plan in the Province of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), which was held on March, 21-24th  2017. The participants were from Kupang .. Read Full Article

20:00, 22-03-2017
Health Crisis Center held a Regional Capacity Assessment in Crisis Response Management in Poso District, Advocacy with Head of Poso District and Head of Poso District Health Office  (Ad-interim), in .. Read Full Article

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