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16:00, 26-04-2017
Landslides usually occur in areas where there are many slopes with a slope of above 45 degrees, although it may also occur on flat ground but the chances are smaller. .. Read Full Article

15:49, 25-04-2017
[Wednesday, 19 April 2017] Heavy rain accompanied by strong winds hit the city of Bandung. Even in some areas observed hail with varying intensity. Analysis while the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics .. Read Full Article

15:40, 25-04-2017
[Thursday, April 13, 2017] Around 23:00 WIB Cipamingkis Bridge on Jl. Transyogi Cibubur-Cianjur precisely in Kp. Jagaita Jonggol Village Jonggol District Bogor Regency collapsed due to the bridge foundation hit .. Read Full Article

14:30, 09-01-2017
In response to the tectonic earthquake that occurred in the province of East Nusa Tenggara, then we submit the following statement: Had an earthquake Friday, January 7, 2017, at 16:11:59 pm .. Read Full Article

14:00, 09-01-2017
BMKG Report - In response to the tectonic earthquake that occurred in North Sumatra, then we present the following statement: An occured on Friday earthquake, January 6, 2017, at 17:24:59 pm .. Read Full Article

17:14, 26-12-2016
Earthquakes can occur unexpectedly at any time, therefore it is necessary to know of what to do during an earthquake, the following are tips and ways you can do when .. Read Full Article

17:12, 26-12-2016
Flooding sometimes be a problem in various cities, flooding is usually happened during the rainy season, the cause of the flood is very diverse, largely due to the high rainfall, .. Read Full Article

17:07, 26-12-2016
Fire is one of the non-natural disasters which usually occurs in a residential area or densely populated residential area. Here are the things that usually can cause fires. Electrical installation Usually, the .. Read Full Article

17:03, 26-12-2016
Tornado has become one of the most common disaster, especially in times of season’s transition. Destructive power and the strength of this disaster is indeed large and could potentially cause .. Read Full Article

13:05, 26-12-2016
Landslides are not just going to happen on cleared land, but can also occur on land that does have good vegetation. Thus the need for precautions that can minimize the .. Read Full Article

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