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20:00, 11-10-2017
Due to heavy rains accompanied by overflowing Muara Batang Gadis river, flash floods occured in the area of ​​Muara Batang Gadis (Hutarimbaru I, Hutarimbaru II, Lubuk Kapundung, Ranto Panjang Village). .. Read Full Article

20:00, 11-10-2017
There has been a populated residential fire in the Jembatan Lima area Laxa 4 Street, Tambora Subdistrict, West Jakarta. Fires burned 7 houses, 28 people were affected, this incident caused .. Read Full Article

20:00, 06-10-2017
Heavy rain disaster accompanied by heavy winds hit the Karang village, Kumpeh Ulu Subdistrict, Muaro jambi District, October 3, 2017, 3:30 WIB. Due to the heavy winds there are 8 units .. Read Full Article

20:00, 06-10-2017
There was a heavy winds disaster Tangge urban village. 13 houses were severely damaged, 23 kitchen houses were severely damaged, 6 units of rice mill were severely damaged and light, .. Read Full Article

20:00, 04-10-2017
Heavy rain that flushed Cianjur and unstable soil structure caused the movement of soil so that water fill the cracks and cause landslide, in Waringinsari Village, Takokak Sub-district, Cianjur District, .. Read Full Article

20:00, 28-09-2017
Flash floods occured due to river embankment near the house residents broken-down. This incident caused the flash flood, water hit and damaged three houses residents. There was no casualties because .. Read Full Article

20:00, 25-09-2017
There was a food poisoning  184 Jakarta Junior High School students in Public Camp 1 Buperta Cibubur East Jakarta on September 24, 2017. 145 students suspected food poisoning. The cause .. Read Full Article

20:00, 24-09-2017
Fire incident caused by electrical short circuit Ismail Kampyu Baryu Street, Selat Panjang Selatan Hamlet on Saturday night September 23, 2017. Fire made 3 houses burnt, 3 persons died because .. Read Full Article

20:00, 19-09-2017
There was a landslide in Mt. Galunggung, Lingga Jati Village, Sukaratu Subdistrict, Tasikmalaya District on September 17, 2017, 2:40 pm. As a result of the landslide, 2 people suspected buried .. Read Full Article

20:00, 14-09-2017
Transportation accident occurred near the Police Academy (Akpol), Sultan Agung Street, Semarang. Collision between 1 bus, 1 car, and 2 motors that caused 2 people died instantly. This accident occurred .. Read Full Article

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